the ONLY Car Rental charging $0 in young renter fees for renters age 18 - 25
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Car Rentals for Students.
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2015 Honda Civic or similar
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2023 Kia K6 or similar
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Drive a Tesla Model 3
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We do things differently

Who we are

Veygo Rentals LLC was started in 2022 with the goal to revolutionize the car rental space for young Americans. We all know renting a car at 18, or 20 years old is next to impossible. Turo and Enterprise charge hundreds of dollars per day for "young renter" fees. We believe that as a Purdue student, you've proven to be a responsible, reliable adult, and we don't need to drastically overcharge you.

Where we call home

Purdue University

Launching at our home campus at Purdue has been a great experience. We are partnering with local organizations, student clubs, and Purdue University to give back to the community while we expand to other campuses throughout the midwest.

Veygo partner Program

Do you drive your car every day? What if your car could pay your rent while you aren't using it? Our partners hand us the keys and we take care of the rest. Earn up to $1200 a month without lifting a finger. Seriously.

Insurance Covered
We do the marketing
No fees or expenses
Use your car up to 15 days a month
We talk to customers

Sit back and earn truly passive income

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